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.Manifesta12. Planetary Garden Reader, associate editor, Manifesta 2018

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.'Nathalie Mba Bikoro: Nothing is Lost to History', March 2017

.'Artistic Responses to History Problems', doppiozero, January 2017

.'Sidsel Meineche Hansen: SECOND SEX WAR', this is tomorrow, May 2016

.'Chiara Fumai. The Book of Evil Spirits', Juliet Magazine, May 2016

.'A First Movement. Or Stepping into History', EX NUNC Journal, October 2015

.'Die Über-Doris. Peformative Experimentation of West-Berlin Artistic Group Die Tödliche Doris', in Disorder. Towards a Social History of Punk and Post-punk, March 2014

.'Performing the Tale. Some Notes on  Flow, a Performance by Yingmei Duan at SAVVY Contemporary', in Yingmei Duan, August 2014

.'Tino Sehgal, o del gesto', doppiozero, June 2013

.'Martin Kippenberger|Berlino', doppiozero, April 2013

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